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We Deliver Personal and Professional Service

We began as a social media marketing agency in 2018.  We knew that we had a long way to go and needed to work twice as hard to earn the confidence of our clients.  As we matured, in 2019 we narrowed our specialty focus to animated video and digital content.


We deliver video products to support strategic marketing strategies!

Working Over Coffee

Meet The Team


Jim Humphrey


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Jim has over 30 years of leadership experience in the military, corporate, project management, and higher education. He began in marketing in 2018 following his assistance with several veteran startups looking to get their brand product and services in front of potential customers. Hence, in addition to helping new business leaders set up the mechanics of their business operations, he quite by accident found himself swimming in the marketing ocean. The rest has become history as his agency was formed and then revised to meet the needs of emerging small businesses.


    We employ the talents of numerous freelance writers and developers.

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