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How can you help my business?

  • We can provide a variety of unique audio & video content to support numerous marketing options.

  • Some of our most popular products are: Logo Stingers, Intros, Outros, Calls To Action, Text overlay ads, and Video Animations

Will you create video products using images, videos, and logos I provide?

Yes, we prefer to integrate your unique content and branding into all productions. However, we do have thousands of universal images and videos supporting many industries.

How does it benefit my business by outsourcing this type of production?

In short, our goal is to create professional studio-grade content and allow you to focus on business. For most businesses, acquiring the necessary software, production equipment, and staff to produce this level of content would be an expensive proposition.  IMPACT Digital and its partner Sonic Boom Video can often produce your content quicker and more economically than most in-house solutions.

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