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Should I Really Hire A Social Media Team?

Statistics continue to show that social media is not just a here today gone tomorrow trend, but rather a vital business survival tool. The world of #social #media continues to grow and evolve at a dizzying pace. Many businesses are discovering the best way for them to keep up with this growth is through the assistance of a social media management team.

Unless you are fortunate to have the organic resources within the walls of your business, you most likely will find yourself outsourcing this task to an agency that specializes in navigating the continual changing landscape of Social media. If you think about it, from a cost perspective this really is the wise choice…no personnel and overhead cost.

Social media agencies not only have the know-how, but are highly motivated to continuously improve their skills based on market changes. As the experts, they are able to: manage a publishing calendar; schedule consistent relevant posts, curate content; engage with customers where they are; develop laser-focused targeted ads, monitor various networks for brand mentions and keywords; continuously review analytics and optimize social media posts.

One of the key benefits I often share with clients is working with a social media management team affords you the addition of a key employee whose responsibility is to take on the time-consuming tasks of social media #strategy and execution so that you as a business owner can focus on your day-to-day operations and growing the business.

There are many benefits but here are five to prime your thought process:

1. Building Your Brand Recognition. Social media teams have the experience and resources to both develop your online brand and maintain it. They can target and engage audiences within your market who are interested in your product or service. This leads to increased traffic which ultimately leads to greater conversion opportunities. Note, it’s not just about creating a following on social media, but exposing your value-added product/service in a relevant way to motivate them to look further. A good social media team will also know how to keep them coming back to the site through various online media strategies.

2. Saving Valuable Resources. When hiring and working with a social media team, you get instant access to an entire team of professionals, a suite of analytic programs, content development platforms and much more. Also, consider the cost savings regarding training or professional development. As mentioned earlier, social media experts must work hard to stay on top of constantly changing trends and algorithms.

3. Content Expertise. Social media management experts are able to create and cultivate great content. Knowing where to find it and just as importantly how to use it to successfully engage your audience. Content research is very time-consuming and one that most business owners can’t take on without sacrificing other area of their business.

4. A Member On Your Team Now Familiar With Metrics and ROI. Regardless if it’s Facebook Analytics, Instagram Insights, Twitter Analytics or LinkedIn Company Page Analytics, you social media team knows how to track your performance within each social network and more importantly, how to capitalize on using that data for your social media campaign success.

5. Your Competitive Advantage

Social media as a marketing tool is growing and widely recognized as paramount to long-term success. However, there are still many businesses who have not embraced and/or implemented a social media marketing strategy. Unfortunately, these businesses will find themselves continually losing competitive advantage in their market space. By working with a social media team and building your online social presence, targeting the right customers for conversion and establishing yourself as an industry expert, you gain a significant long-term competitive advantage.

Social media marketing in today’s electronic socially connected environment is a business necessity, not a nicety.

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